Once upon a cow

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Once upon a cow

If you liked Who Moved My Cheese?, you will love Once Upon a Cow, by Dr. Camilo Cruz, a master storyteller and one of the most prolific Latino authors, in the United States. He is an international bestselling author of thirty books and audio books with close to two million copies in print. Destined to join the world’s most loved classics, more than 750,000 people from around the world have already read this story.

As a result, Once Upon a Cow received the prestigious Latino Book Award for Best Personal Development book in Spanish and English in the United States Hispanic market.

A wise teacher takes one of his pupils on a journey that forces the young man to examine his self-imposed barriers and brings him face-to-face with the true enemy of success. Discover how an unexpected event changed his life in an instant. We all want a rewarding career, fulfilling relationships, a healthy life, and to live our lives to the fullest. Instead, we often find a comfort zone, settle in, and before long discover that all the great things life has to offer have simply passed us by.

In this life-changing metaphor, the cow represents every excuse, fear, justification, and false belief that keeps us from living the kind of life we truly want and deserve. This beautifully written and poignant story will captivate your heart. Told with simplicity, insight, understanding, humor, compassion, and wisdom, Once Upon a Cow offers character-building principles for parents, entrepreneurs, teachers, leaders and even children who are in a position to influence others.

Here are the five most common COWS (pardon me, excuses), people use to justify not exercising, Have you use any of them? Share your favorite one!

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